• Full Stack Web Development

    Professional LAMP consulting services
    iOS App development

  • Professional Web and Mobile App Consulting Services

    Web maintenance contracts
    Apple iOS and Swift development.


About us

Alex Gillis and Xander Teleworks create exciting and creative open source full stack web projects. We can provide ongoing development and support activities to your organizational activity: government, corporate, small business or your personal creative projects.

  • Enterprise web applications
  • Small personal one off targeted applications
  • Custom Mobile app development

We will engage with large and small, even micro small projects to meet your application development and communication goals.


    Enterprise Web Apps

    We will create secure, cost effective solutions for your enterprise application needs. We can create and document your own secure API.

  • Small custom applications

    We will happily engage with your scribbled napkin creative application ideas and bring them to a wireframe specification we can then implement in a timely and cost effective fashion.


    Mobile Apps

    Custom iOS app development. App store integration.